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Nabygelegen Private Cellar

Bovlei Division Road, R301, Wellington

Our land was granted by Governor William Herlot in 1712 and shortly thereafter the first vineyards and fruit groves were planted. The name Nabygelegen (lying nearby) stems from that time and was so called as the first owner family lived in the area.

The farm’s old homestead and outbuildings were built over a long period of time with many alterations and additions however the stables and the old cellar building certainly stem from an earlier time and may have formed part of the original barn built in 1712. The lush fertile valley with its strong flowing river even attracted ancient man. Regularly stone implements, some dating back over a million years, are discovered in our deep soils by the vineyard team doing their daily rounds.

Nabygelegen has a very old history of winemaking and the original cellar building dating back to well before its inscribed 1815 gable date has old, open concrete fermenting tanks, stone foot presses, and underground storage tanks. Last used in 1934, they now form part of the barrel maturation room. Full use is being made of the delicately restored massive buttress walls and the deep cool tanks.  Many vintages are on display in the bottle stores and the wine library.

The modern winery and fermentation cellar contains state-of-the-art machinery and the most modern of processes from the new and old world. From special grape cooling and sorting techniques to the soft working pumps and presses, everything is designed to get fruit into the bottle with minimum handling.

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