The Breytenbach Centre is a multidisciplinary cultural centre for training in and interaction with visual arts, music, and the art of writing. It is a unique place to participate in conversations, ideas, training, and workshops and to experience art, music, and drama.

Built some 150 years ago, it is the former home of internationally acclaimed poet Breyten Breytenbach and his siblings, whose parents used it as a boarding house in the fifties. In the nineties a group of enthusiastic art lovers bought the house from the local government and, with the support of the Breytenbach family, embarked on the lengthy process of developing the building into an arts and cultural centre.

Since the opening of the Breytenbach Centre in 2007, the Centre, with its classical architecture and unique old-world allure, has embarked on various projects aimed at realising its objectives of promoting community development through the arts to the full.

The Centre is home to:

Die Bôrdienghuis, an intimate dinner-theatre hosting shows ranging from music to cabaret and drama and their famous pizzas. The venue is also suitable for small conferences, birthdays, weddings and is often used for book launches.

Breytenbach Gallery, an authentic exhibition space showcasing art from exceptional local and international artists, combined with Kardoes art shop, where special art gifts abound. There is also a one of its kind Community Gallery.  

koffie@breytenbach, a stylishly informal coffee shop, specialising in a variety of coffees and teas somethings special to nibble on. A place where locals love to gather or get comfortable with a good book.

The Book Traders, a very classy second home for book lovers, filled with quality second-hand books, also sourcing rare books and shipping internationally.

The Breytenbach Sentrum Drama Group consists of talented youngsters from the community who have all the talent in the world to become famous on stages and elsewhere.

The Garden of Poets (Digterstuin) is a peaceful garden in the middle of town filled with poems of famous Afrikaans poets.

Various art programmes and community training initiatives, making an indelible difference in the lives of locals.

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