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Upland Organic Wine & Brandy Estate

Fisantekuil Farm, Blouvlei Road, Wellington

Upland Organic Estate is a small fruit and wine farm situated against the majestic Hawequa mountains near Wellington. Edmund and Elsie Oettlé produce small amounts of high quality wines, liqueurs, grappa and brandy, as well as olives, olive oil, fruits and nuts. The farm is run according to organic farming principles, to ensure the continued health of both the environment and the consumers of our products. Organic farming makes use of natural fertilizers and pest control, and is sustainable in the long term. Vigorous, healthy plants are better able to withstand disease, and the quality of the product is likewise higher. However, these gains are offset by lower yields. On Upland Estate, organic farming techniques have been implemented for the past 28 years, and the farm is internationally certified with Ecocert. A dramatic improvement in soil and crop quality has been evident, as well as a significant reduction in soil erosion. However, it is the quality of our products that speak for themselves. The wines are exceptionally full bodied, bursting with fruity flavours, and are deeply coloured. Each vintage varies according to the gifts and constraints of the season. In the cellar, the wine is allowed to develop and display its uniqueness, and to express itself to the utmost. Thus no two vintages are the same, but each has its own secrets and delights. Careful maturing for 3 years in small French oak barrels ensures a well-balanced wine, able to mature for many years, and yet accessible for immediate drinking.  

We are the only organic distillery in the country. Our spirits are world class medal winners, distilled from small crops of carefully selected cultivars.

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