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Jacaranda Wine & Guest Farm

Bo Old Hermon Road, Wellington


Jacaranda Wine Estate has been established in the 1970ies and has been lovingly brought back to life since 2009. With 3,5 ha under vine, it is the smallest registered Wine Estate in South Africa.

At Jacaranda, we believe that wines have a story to tell, the story of the year they were grown in. Did it rain much, was it dry, was it a difficult or an easy vintage…each aspect is reflected in the aromas, flavours and the soul of our wines.

The distinct characteristics of our terroir and vineyard- and cellar management carry through to the different vintages, but with slight and exciting variations to tell nature’s tale.

Because our ecosystem is precious to us, we farm our vineyard sustainably. All weeds are removed by hand, we do not use any weed killers and all spraying material and fertilizers used are certified organic.
The cultivars grown are Shiraz, Viognier, Chenin Blanc and Mourvèdre. Our pride is an Old Vine Block of Chenin Blanc, that was planted in 1980.

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